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Rare 2007 Apple iPhone Sells at Auction for Whopping $190,000

The Original iPhone

One phone you don't want to scratch

Rare Unopened First Edition 4GB iPhone Fetches $190,372.80 at US Auction

Usually, iPhones are notorious for quickly losing their value as soon as they leave the store. However, there are exceptional cases that defy this trend. This was demonstrated by a recent auction held in the United States. In this auction, a first edition, unopened 4GB iPhone managed to sell for an astonishing $190,372.80 (£145,416).

During its initial release, only a limited number of these particular iPhone models were produced. This has led to their classification as the "Holy Grail" among avid iPhone collectors. The rarity and desirability of this specific edition played a significant role in driving up its value.

The auction, expertly managed by LCG Auctions, garnered significant attention and interest, resulting in a total of 28 bids. Ultimately, the winning bid reached nearly 400 times the original price of the device.

It's important to note that the final sale price encompasses additional costs, such as administration fees, and also the hammer price paid by the buyer. These extra charges, known as the "buyer's premium," are directly allocated to the auction house rather than the seller.

A Hot Commodity

LCG Auctions described this first edition 4GB iPhone as a "popular high-end" and "red-hot collectible," citing the extraordinary demand for such items. Furthermore, the auction house highlighted that two other factory-sealed, first edition iPhones had also achieved record-breaking sales within the past year.

The model itself was described on the auction website as an exceedingly rare, factory-sealed, first-release 4GB iPhone. It was in exceptional condition for an item which is 16 years old. It was noted that the device displayed virtually flawless surfaces and edges, and the factory seal remained intact with precise seam details and tightness.

Overall, this remarkable auction outcome underscores the enduring appeal and investment value associated with rare and well-preserved vintage technology items. It has been captivating the attention of both collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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Lackluster phone? 

Surpassing all expectations, the auctioned lot, which originally retailed for $599 (£457), shattered previous records in a remarkable fashion. This lot consisted of a first-generation 4GB iPhone, initially introduced to the market in 2007 under the guidance of Apple's then CEO, Steve Jobs. However, due to lackluster sales, the tech giant decided to discontinue this particular model merely two months after its launch.

At the time, most consumers opted to purchase the 8GB variant. It provided double the storage capacity for just an additional $100. Consequently, the 4GB version became relatively rare and sought after among collectors and technology enthusiasts.

Periodically, various artifacts related to Apple and Mr. Jobs' life and career emerge in the auction circuit. These items range from a poem he composed in a high school yearbook of a classmate to college photographs and even a business card dating back to 1978.

In 2011, the co-founder of Apple tragically passed away at the age of 56 after battling pancreatic cancer. Apple paid tribute to his immense contributions, stating that he had been the driving force behind countless innovations that have greatly enhanced and improved people's lives.

Throughout his tenure, Jobs introduced several groundbreaking products to the world, including the iconic and colorful iMac computer, the revolutionary iPod, the game-changing iPhone, and the trendsetting iPad. These innovations have left an great mark on the technology landscape and have forever transformed the way people interact with devices and consume media.

A Revolutionary Invention

The original iPhone was introduced to the world by Apple in 2007. It revolutionized the mobile industry and transformed the way we communicate and interact with technology. With its sleek design and groundbreaking features, the iPhone set a new standard for smartphones.

Steve Jobs, the visionary behind the iPhone, famously declared it as a device that combined three products into one: "a revolutionary mobile phone, a widescreen iPod with touch controls, and a breakthrough internet communications device." This bold statement reflected the iPhone's multifunctionality, and also its ability to seamlessly integrate communication, entertainment, and internet capabilities.

One of the standout features of the original iPhone was its innovative touch screen interface. This replaced the traditional physical keyboard found on most phones at the time. This touch screen, combined with intuitive gestures and a user-friendly interface, made navigating the device a breeze and opened up a world of possibilities for app developers.

The iPhone also boasted a high-quality display that showcased vibrant colors and sharp graphics. This enhanced the overall user experience. It introduced a built-in iPod that allowed users to enjoy their favorite music and videos on the go, eliminating the need for a separate device.

Internet Browsing On The Go

Furthermore, the iPhone offered internet browsing capabilities that brought the full web experience to the palm of your hand. Safari, Apple's web browser, enabled users to surf the internet, check emails, and access various online services. This transformed the smartphone into a portable gateway to the digital world.

With its seamless integration of hardware and software, the original iPhone set the foundation for future iterations and established Apple as a dominant player in the mobile industry. Its impact was felt far beyond its initial release, influencing the design and functionality of smartphones for years to come.

The original iPhone paved the way for a new era of mobile technology. It has inspired countless imitators and sparked a wave of innovation. It remains an iconic device that marked a turning point in the history of smartphones, forever changing the way we communicate, work, and entertain ourselves in the digital age.

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