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Create a ChatGPT chatbot using OpenAI’s API


The ChatGPT API by OpenAI allows developers to harness the power of advanced natural language processing models, like ChatGPT, to create engaging and intelligent chatbots. This blog post will walk you through setting up your own chatbot using the ChatGPT API. By the end of this tutorial, you will have a functional chatbot that you can customize to meet your specific needs.


Before we begin, make sure you have the following:

An OpenAI API key: To get your API key, sign up for an account on the OpenAI website ( and follow the instructions to obtain your API key.

Python (version 3.6 or higher): Download and install Python from the official website (

A code editor: You can use any code editor you are comfortable with, such as Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text, or Atom.

Step 1: Install the OpenAI Python library

To interact with the ChatGPT API, we need to install the OpenAI Python library. Open your command prompt or terminal and run the following command:

					pip install openai


Step 2: Set up your Python script

Create a new Python file (e.g., in your preferred code editor. First, import the required libraries and load your API key:

					import openai
import os

openai.api_key = os.environ["OPENAI_API_KEY"]


Make sure to replace "OPENAI_API_KEY" with your actual API key, or set up an environment variable with your key to keep it secure.

Step 3: Create a function to send messages to the API

Now we’ll create a function that sends a message to the ChatGPT API and returns its response. This function will handle user input and prompt the API with a series of messages.

					def chat_with_gpt(messages):
    response = openai.Completion.create(
            {"role": "system", "content": "You are a helpful assistant."},
        ] + messages,

    return response.choices[0].text.strip()


Step 4: Create a chatbot loop

Now we’ll create a simple loop that takes user input, sends it to the ChatGPT API, and displays the chatbot’s response.

					def main():
    messages = []
    print("Start chatting with the ChatGPT chatbot! (type 'quit' to exit)")

    while True:
        user_message = input("User: ")
        if user_message.lower() == "quit":

        messages.append({"role": "user", "content": user_message})
        chatbot_response = chat_with_gpt(messages)
        messages.append({"role": "assistant", "content": chatbot_response})

        print(f"ChatGPT: {chatbot_response}")

if __name__ == "__main__":


Step 5: Run your chatbot

Save your Python script and run it from your command prompt or terminal:



You can now interact with your chatbot! To exit, type “quit”.


In this tutorial, you’ve learned how to set up a chatbot using the ChatGPT API. You can further customize your chatbot by changing the API parameters, such as temperature, max

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