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Threads or Twitter? Time To Switch?

Threads has Launched

Are you going to make the switch?

Meta's Threads app garnered an astounding 10 million users within its first seven hours, according to Mark Zuckerberg. Positioned as a friendly competitor to Twitter, which was recently acquired by Elon Musk, Threads has the potential to attract disenchanted Twitter users displeased with recent platform changes. With a maximum post length of 500 characters and several Twitter-like features, Threads aims to create a user-friendly environment for meaningful conversations. Zuckerberg emphasized the importance of maintaining a friendly atmosphere for the app's success. Musk however expressed a preference for Twitter's raw authenticity over the superficiality of Instagram. When asked about Threads surpassing Twitter, Zuckerberg believes it will take time, but envisions a public conversations app with over one billion users.

Too Much Data Sharing?

Critics have expressed concerns regarding the potential data usage associated with Threads. These concerns primarily revolve around the collection of sensitive information. Which includes information such as health, financial, and browsing data, which can be linked to users' identities. The Apple App Store report has highlighted these data-related apprehensions.

Another issue that users have raised is the inability to delete their Threads profile independently of their associated Instagram account. This limitation has been acknowledged by Meta, the company behind Threads, and they have assured users that they are actively working on finding a solution to address this concern.

In the interim, users have the option to deactivate their Threads profile without impacting their Instagram account. Deactivating the profile ensures that the profile, along with its associated posts and interactions, become invisible to other users.

Meta emphasizes that users have the ability to download and delete their Threads data through their Instagram settings, offering users a degree of control over their data within the platform.

Although Threads is available in more than 100 countries, including the UK, its availability in the EU is currently hindered by regulatory uncertainties. The EU's regulatory concerns, particularly related to the Digital Markets Act, have temporarily prevented Threads from being accessible in the region. However, Meta has expressed interest in exploring the possibility of launching Threads in the EU once these concerns have been addressed.

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Initial Version of Threads?

Described as an "initial version" by Meta, the newly launched Threads app is set to receive additional features. This will include the ability to engage with users on other social media platforms like Mastodon. Prior to its release, Meta expressed its intention to leverage Instagram's strengths and expand them into the realm of text-based communication. Although it functions as a standalone app, Threads requires users to log in using their Instagram accounts, with their Instagram username carrying over. However, customization options are available for users to tailor their profile specifically for Threads. Additionally, users will have the option to follow the same accounts they do on Instagram. The app also allows users to maintain privacy on Instagram while being public on Threads.

How does Threads Work?

Threads facilitates seamless cross-sharing of posts between Instagram and the app, enabling easy content sharing in both directions. Users can include diverse media formats like links, photos, and videos, with videos having a maximum duration of five minutes on Threads and Instagram.

However, Threads does have some drawbacks worth mentioning. The primary issue is that it only offers a single feed, unlike Twitter.

Twitter provides both a recommendations feed and an option to view tweets exclusively from accounts you follow. In contrast, Threads combines posts from your followers with content it believes you'll find interesting, which can potentially become bothersome.

Another drawback is the lack of desktop functionality. It doesn't work smoothly on computers, which is unfortunate for users who prefer that platform.

Furthermore, Threads doesn't seem to feature any trending information, making it difficult to keep up with viral content.

Additionally, the app lacks a messaging function, a feature that Twitter does offer.

Lastly, regarding verification, users still have the option to purchase a blue verification badge for a monthly fee, similar to Twitter's approach.

Is This Twitter's Downfall?

Some early users faced image uploading issues, indicating initial challenges for the app. Users enjoy a feed of posts called "threads" on Threads, including content from followed accounts and recommendations. Users have control over mentions and can filter out specific word replies. Features like unfollowing, blocking, restricting, and reporting profiles are available, and Instagram blocks automatically apply to Threads.

While Meta highlights its Instagram connection, media coverage emphasizes its similarity to Twitter, with potential as a "Twitter killer". Elon Musk imposed tweet limits on Twitter to address "data scraping" concerns and promote Twitter Blue. TweetDeck, a popular user dashboard, will require payment in 30 days. Dissatisfied users have expressed concerns about Musk's leadership, citing erratic behavior and political views. Musk and Zuckerberg even jokingly entertained the idea of a cage fight. Threads is accessible in the UK but uncertain in the EU due to Digital Markets Act and data sharing concerns. Meta state that they prioritize privacy as a fundamental aspect of its business.

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